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UK Wizard-equipped Picture Framers

Imitated but never bettered, by far the most important element of the Wizard is the software, allowing framers to create exciting new designs to inspire customers.

A picture framer with a Wizard computerized mount cutter can offer you so much more. Wizard mount cutting machinery has a worldwide reputation, and an unrivalled reputation among professional picture framers.  On this independent site you can find out what a Wizard Framer can do for you,  and find your local Wizard Framer.

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Wizard is the most popular professional framerís computerised mount cutter in the UK and the World!

CMC 8500


CMC 9000

Why choose a wizard framer for your picture mounts?

  • Picture framers who have invested in a Wizard are serious about their business and serious about your framing.
  • Wizard users are fully trained by the UK distributors, Framers Corner, and have the opportunity of ongoing training, the latest mount cutting software, and fast back up. Wizards reliability is legendary.
  • Only the wizard offers the unique Photo2 font for name frames/name mounts.
  • Wizard Framers have the best software on the market to quickly and easily create very special custom mount designs for you plus a library of unique cut-art, and the ability to cut almost any size picture mount.

CMC 8000


detail - cutting cigarette card picture mounts

IF Visualization


Ask your Wizard Framer what they can do for you! The list is almost endless... Multi aperture mounts, cigarette card mounts, film cell mounts, name frame mounts, family tree mounts, record and memorabilia mounts, picture mounts for artists and photographers, oval picture mounts, 100s of shapes, lettering, embossing (debossing), name photo frames, v-grooves, decorative accents etc.

picture mounts with cut art detail

"Wizard International is committed to helping Wizard Framers be the best in their business". Besides innovation and service, education is a key component in providing solutions to custom framers. Because a majority of custom framers use a Wizard CMC and software products, Wizard provide education to make sure they reap the greatest advantage from their Wizard. Wizard University was developed to focus on the educational resources that give wizard customers ideas, expertise, and confidence in their respective businesses

Many of the professional picture framers listed on Wizard Mounts can do framing work which many others can't!

The software is one of the biggest differences between Wizard picture framers and the competition. The other is the training and after sales service

.picture mounts design

Wizard software isn't just about mounts - Many wizard framers also use Integrated Framer is framing visualization software that allows  customers to see what their artwork will look like, mounted and framed, before they leave the shop.

All wizard machines will cut double-size "jumbo" boards.

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